Restaurant and after-party set plan “Hofu Night”


This plan is recommended by Hofu Convention & Vsitors Bureau for those visiting Hofu City for the first time.

This plan includes dinner at a Japanese restaurant, transportation to the next snack bar, and drinks there.

This is a pre-paid plan and there are no additional on-site charges. You can use it without any worries.

A snack bar that has been loved by many people from the Showa era to the present.

Enjoy a night in Hofu by communicating with the wonderful mamas (masters), regular customers, and tourists, and singing karaoke.

this set plan will help beginners and forigners make their debut at a snack bar.

■Plan for foreigners only (set price per person)

A. Sakasho ¥9,500 + ¥3000 per taxi
[Regularly closed on Tuesdays]

B. Koyomi ¥11,500 + ¥3000 per taxi
[Regularly closed on Sundays]

C. La.pannna ¥12,500 + ¥3000 per taxi
[Regularly closed on Tuesdays]

D. Soukaen ¥13,500 + ¥3000 per taxi
[Regularly closed on Tuesdays (2nd and 4th), Wednesdays]

E. Sushi Ichiro ¥23,500 + ¥3000 per taxi
[Open all year round]

※ Taxi seats 4 people
※ If 8 people apply for Plan A, the price is 「¥9500 x 8」+「¥3000 x 2」.

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■What is inclusions in the cost

1st Japanese restaurant

・Recommended dinner cost
・first drink cost
*The menu may vary depending on the season.

2nd snack bar

・90 minutes all-you-can-drink cost
・90 minutes karaoke cost
・Snack cost

Transportation costs

Taxi Cost
A section: Taxi driver will escort you to the restaurant.
B section: Restaurant staff will escort you to the snack bar.
C section: Snack bar staff will escort you to Hofu station.

■ Schedule

Dinner will start at your desired time after 6pm.

Assume that your stay at a Japanese restaurant is 2 hours, and your stay at a hostess bar is 90 minutes.

You cannot choose a snack bar. We will search for a snack bar that matches your schedule from among the hostess bars that we recommend.


Application periodUntil Monday, March 31, 2025
Application deadlineUp to 3 days before
How to applyOnline, telephone, fax (※Telephone applications are only accepted on weekdays)
ParticipantsAnyone aged 20 or older (age verification will be required)
Minimum number
of participants
1 person
OtherAdditional charges will apply if you extend your time or order food or drinks that are not included in the plan. Please pay for each person.

We may not be able to make a reservation for your desired date and time. In that case, we will consult with you.
Trip planning
and implementation
Hofu Convention & Visitors Bureau (Inc.)
Yamaguchi Prefecture Governor’s Registered Travel Industry Area No. 138
Travel business managerNishio Terukazu

■How to apply

  • Online application (please apply here)
  • FAX (Please download the PDF application form here.)
  • Visit our association

*Please be sure to read the terms and conditions

■Payment method

  • Credit card payment(Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, etc. We will send you a payment URL.)
  • Bank transfer(The transfer fee will be paid by the applicant)
  • Cash (Please visit our office)

*We will inform you after you apply.

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■Terms and conditions

Application conditions: Please check the following conditions before applying.

Time of application and contract conclusion

(1) Please fill in the designated information on the designated application form and attach the payment (bank transfer and credit card payment are also accepted).
(2) If applying by telephone, mail, facsimile or other means of communication, please submit the application form and pay the fee by the day before the reservation date, counting from the day after we notify you of our acceptance of your reservation.
(3) The application contract will be considered to have been concluded when we accept the conclusion of the contract and receive the payment.
(4) The full travel price must be paid in advance by the day before the reservation date.

Payment of the fee

Please pay the fee at least 3 days before the reservation date (or by the due date specified by our company if the application is made at the last minute). In addition, if you are a cardholder of one of our affiliated card companies, we may require you to pay the tour fee, cancellation fee, additional expenses, etc. without your signature. In this case, the date of card use will be the date of your consent, unless you request otherwise.

Cancellation fee

If you cancel the contract for your own reasons after the contract has been concluded, the following cancellation fee will be charged. (For one person)

Date of terminationCancellation fee (per person)
Cancellation by 12:00 on the day before the reservation datefree
After 12:00 the previous day (cancelled on the day)100% of the travel cost
Absence without permission100% of the travel cost

What is included in the price?

Fares and fees for the transportation means specified in the recruitment details, meals, consumption tax and other taxes.As a general rule, these expenses are not refundable even if some of the expenses are not used due to the customer’s convenience.

It does not include expenses such as transportation costs and personal expenses not included in the recruitment details.

Regarding the handling of personal information

(1) We will use the personal information entered in the application form submitted at the time of application to communicate with you, and to the extent necessary to arrange for services provided by transportation, food services, etc. in accordance with your application, and to process the receipt of such services.
(2) We may provide personal information held by us to relevant stores to facilitate shopping and other activities at your accommodation. In such cases, we will provide personal information such as your name in advance by sending it in writing or electronically. If you wish to stop the provision of such personal information, please notify the store at least one day before your visit.

Contract conditions and price standardsThese 

application conditions are based on June 1, 2024. The price is calculated based on the fares and regulations valid as of June 1, 2024. We will not reschedule the trip under any circumstances.

■Contact us

Organization nameHofu Tourism and Convention Association
Address11-19 Matsuzakicho, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 747-0029
Business hours8:15-17:00
Regular holidaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays
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