Currently recruiting participants “The Wahaha Laughing World Championship,10th anniversary”

Posted on October 29, 2019

You are the world champion of Laughter!

The winning team will receive 100,000 yen prize!

We recruit participants “The Wahaha Laughing World Championship”

Date: 1:00p.m.~4:00p.m. 14th December,2019

Place: Design-Plaza Hofu(2-8-9 Hachioji Hofu City, Yamaguchi Pref.)

Quality to join: In order to participate, you must form a team of three people.

How to apply: Tell us the following items by e-mail

  1. Name of your team
  2. Self-introducution of your team
  3. Name of three people

The application deadline: 20th November,2019

Contact: Hofu Convention and Visitors Bureau

TEL: 0835-25-2148